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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brexit negotiations: How will Poland behave towards the UK?

Individuals weighed down with 57 assortments of gear - from savvy bags to market packs entwined with string - line in the spring daylight, travel permits open, tickets in their grasp.

As the driver Lukasz pulls sacks into the mentor's underbelly, he lets me know there used to be 20 individuals a day going to London, yet now there's not a solitary one going the entire way.

"It's an exceptionally solid circumstance in London for Polish individuals, troublesome," he says.

I am disclosed to Polish TV and radio has been loaded with an anecdote about a Polish adolescent being assaulted. It may not be valid, but rather there have been numerous such stories here, evidently unreported in Britain. Read more:-International Database

It is at any rate doubtful that one of the primary reasons we are leaving the EU is on account of many individuals thought there were excessively numerous Poles and Eastern Europeans in the UK.

Their destiny will be the principal thing to be examined in the Brexit talks.